New photography since moving from London to South Devon

New photographs in the fresh and bright seaside light where the air is clean

A new home, a new way of life, new photography


After many years of living and working in hectic London I have recenlty moved to a tiny village on the south coast of Devon and I love it here!
This is a selection of the new photographs I've been taking.
I am enjoying the beautiful, bright yet soft and warm coastal light.
I am enjoying having the time to take photos, work on them, think about them and edit them properly.


All these photographs have been taken in the last 10 weeks in-between the chaos of actually moving and renovating a new home for myself.
I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have enjoyed taking them!





I am also starting to set up a very small collection of fine art and framed prints which are now for sale online.

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