impala in the golden light

Why I love to photograph impala - especially at sunrise and sunset


I love photographing impala.
Impalas are everywhere in South Africa, usually eating grass it seems.

Most of the time they look relaxed, however they will immediately tense at the first sign of danger. If it is safe to do so, one of them will make a very specific warning call to warn all their herd-mates. Sometimes they won't call though, for they don't want to give away their exact location either - it must be a tough decision for them, knowing what to do for the best.

Why do I love impalas so much?

I love the elegant shape of their bodies, their immense strength and fitness, the incredible headgear of the males, their subtle colouring and the way they run and jump. To me they rank highly in my list of all-time favourite animals. Most of all though I love how they look in their own natural grassy environments - to me they are perfection and just watching them gives me huge pleasure. To capture them in an image feels a privilege.

Because there are so many of them, I notice people tend to pass them by without too much thought, or tend to photograph them being chased and eaten by a big cat, but when I see impala - especially in the morning or evening light - I just cannot help but stop for a moment and enjoy them!




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