About Naomi Stolow

Naomi Stolow. Wildlife photographer

I want to make images that show how incredible nature is.

I studied fine art, worked as a nursery teacher for 12 years and have spent the last 15 years working online.

I travel with my camera whenever I can.

Naomi Stolow, Photographer


Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2015 - winner of the Widlife Insight categoryBritish Wildlife Photography Awards - Collection 6 Outdoor Photography magazine, June 2015
The story so far...

I have been obsessed by many things art related. As a child I drew animals ALL the time, and I started adult life as a Fine Artist, creating an abundance of wildlife paintings, photographs, drawings and sculpture. I even made a life size giraffe out of papier mache and several sculptures of dogs!

12 years of Nursery Teaching allowed me to work with small children on art projects - something I still love to do today.

Work, travel and photography:

I live for the sweet smell of a boarding pass! In fact, life doesn't feel complete without one!

I have always been an intrepid traveller, staying away from tourist destinations, preferring to visit more obscure places around our globe. I am always looking for a photograph that can convey what I see and how I feel about where I am and who I've met. I am continually struck by the warmth and humanity of people, even in the most desolate of circumstances.

By embracing new technology and turning my skills to web design I was led to a 15+ year full time corporate journey, managing the websites and E-Commerce for Molton Brown, the British Museum, Aveda, Estée Lauder Companies and St John Ambulance, looking after their training and first aid supplies websites. Curiosity at Aveda led me to find out where ingredients in cosmetics come from - and I got myself involved with indigenous cultures and communities in India, Brazil and Australia that supply ingredients - people who I love and love to photograph.

Luck with my photography so far...

I am over the moon to have won the Wildlife Insight Category for Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2015 with my photograph of an elephant's trunk

I won a Higly Commended image in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2015. The image is in the exhibition travelling around the UK and in the BWPA Collection 6 book. I also featured in an article in the Sunday Times magazine.

I contributed to Outdoor Photographer magazine in June 2015 with my photo and story of a rutting deer in Richmond Park.

In 2014 was short-listed for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the Outdoor Photographer of the Year and the British Life Photography Awards.

I have have had an image published by National Geographic and been chosen for the Daily Dozen twice.

This year I am in the British Wildlife Phtography Awards shortlist and also in the running for the ZSL Wildlife Photography Prize.

Always though my main priority is just to do more photography. I'm open to ideas on how to do more...

Other guilty pleasures

I enjoy grizzly horror movies, I love a good thriller and I read a whole variety of books - any genre. I'm a geeky gadget-girl - I LOVE gadgets and I love technology and I love imagining where technology could go in the future..

I also enjoy other arts now and then, like making stained glass windows and lamps of birds, fish and an armadillo - always of animals, sometimes printmaking and sometimes drawing on paper. Always doodling (especially in meetings).

I built this website myself using Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

How to get in touch
You can always contact me by email, phone or have a good chat on social media!



Naomi Stolow BA(Hons) Fine Art, NFTD Nursery Foundation Teaching Diploma, PTLLS adult teaching diploma. 15+ years online, design and e commerce management experience, 12+ years experience working with young children. A lifetime of photography.



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